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Voting for Aquamarine Round necklace is active! И не только. Время голосовать!

Necklace/Pendant Match Instructions
Rank your favorite characters. (Choose "1" for your favorite, "2" to "8" for your other supports, and abstain for contestants you don't want to support).
Instead of simply choosing one contestant, with Instant Runoff Voting, you are allowed to rank all contestants in your order of preference. You can still vote for only one contestant or only rank the ones you like.
Ballots are initially counted for each voter's top choice. If a contestant secures more than half of these votes, that contestant wins. Otherwise, the contestant in last place is eliminated and removed from consideration. Each vote for an eliminated candidate are now transferred to voter's next most preferred choice available. The top remaining choices on all the ballots are then counted again. This process repeats until one contestant is the top remaining choice of a majority of the voters. When the field is reduced to two, it has become an "instant runoff" that allows a comparison of the top two contestants head-to-head.

Wildcard Match Instructions
Choose every character you want to further advance in main tournament.
Every character finishing 5th of his group is in a 20-character poll and you will choose who will survive by Approval Voting. You will technically just check if you want each character to advance or not.
In Each Division, 16 characters out of 20 will survive and reach Topaz Period, while 4 others will be eliminated. Each male and female division will have 96 contestants left at start of Topaz.
Since most characters will survive, you can not fear to approve even your secondary supports. You will be free to approve amount of characters you desire.

ARENA 01: [[2 - Rem]] [[3 - Megumin]] [[5 - Shiina Mashiro]] Tomori Nao Yukinoshita Yukino [[6 - Emilia]] [[4 - Saber]] [[1 - Tōsaka Rin]]

ARENA 02: Korosensei Hikigaya Hachiman [[4 - Satō Kazuma]] [[3 - Otonashi Yuzuru]] Yukihira Sōma Saitama [[1 - Kamijō Tōma]] [[2 - Okabe Rintarō]]

F wildcard
ARENA 03: Yazawa Nico [[Ōmae Kumiko]] Nakiri Erina [[Hiiragi Kagami]] [[Gasai Yuno]] Sakurauchi Riko Hoto Kokoa [[Sakura Kyōko]] Tadokoro Megumi Karasuma Chitose Kanbe Kotori Fate Testarossa [[Miyauchi Renge]] Shiodome Miuna Kanzaki H. Aria Kinomoto Sakura [[Yui-Nyan]] Nakatsu Shizuru [[Tanaka Asuka]] Hestia

M wildcard
ARENA 04: Miyoshi Miketsukami Sōshi Edogawa Conan Akatsuki Kojō Haruhiro Alucard Spike Spiegel Kurapika Yuri Plisetskey Midoriya Izuku Uchimaki Subaru Saiki Kusuo Kazehaya Kamito Kikuhiko Dazai Osamu Tennōji Kotarō Zen Wistalia [[Itami Yōji]] [[Ginko]] Kageyama Tobio

ARENA 05: [[Tōru]] Toyama Kasumi
ARENA 06: Adagaki Aki [[Abstain]] Mash Kyrielight

Турнир чемпионов
ARENA 07: [[Lelouch Lamperouge]] Sora
ARENA 08: Chitanda Eru [[Misaka Mikoto]]
Tags: fun, isml

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