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ISML 2016 Amethyst Period — Round 5
Третий тур в этих группах.

Female Group 2
ARENA 01: Katō Megumi [Abstained] Hoto Kokoa
ARENA 02: Inaba Himeko [Abstained] Momo Belia Deviluke

Female Group 11
ARENA 03: [Shana(+++)] C.C.(---)
ARENA 04: [Shimakaze] Kashiwazaki Sena

Female Group 18
ARENA 05: Shiodome Miuna(---) [Tōsaka Rin(+++)]
ARENA 06: [Yazawa Nico] Himeragi Yukina

Female Group 25
ARENA 07: [Ayase Eli] Kafū Chino
ARENA 08: [Kagura] Yatogami Tōka

Male Group 6
ARENA 09: Joseph Joestar(---) [Kamijō Tōma(+++)]
ARENA 10: Kazehaya Kamito [Producer (Cinderella Girls)]

Male Group 15
ARENA 11: Hinata Shōyō(---) [Abstained] Otosaka Yū(+++)
ARENA 12: Tōyama Kinji [Abstained] Hyakuya Mikaela

Male Group 24
ARENA 13: [Kyon] Ciel Phantomhive(---)
ARENA 14: Totsuka Saika [Abstained] Uchiha Itachi

Male Group 31
ARENA 15: Eren Yeager [Abstained] Kurogane Ikki
ARENA 16: Oikawa Tōru(---) [Yagami Light(+++)]

ARENA 17: [Rem] Hanakoizumi Anne
ARENA 18: Segawa Akane [Abstained] Amayadori Machi
Tags: isml, lyt

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