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музыкальная пауза - Laurie Anderson =Big Science='s cold outside... (-25° всего лишь, наконец-то зима!)

Coo coo it's cold outside. coo coo it's cold outside. ooo coo coo. don't forget your mittens. hey pal! how do I get to town from here? and he said: well just take a right where they're going to that new shopping mall, go straight past where they're going to put in the freeway, take a left at what's going to be the new sports center, and keep going until you hit the place where they're king of building that drive-in bank. you can't miss it. and I said: this must be the place.

ooo coo coo. golden cities. golden towns. golden cities. golden towns. and long cars in long lines and great big signs and they all say: hallelujah. yodellayheehoo. every man for himself.

ooo coo coo. golden cities. golden towns. thanks for the ride. big science. hallelujah. big science. yodellayheeh

You know. I think we should put some mountains here. otherwise, what are all the characters going to fall off of? and what about stairs? yodellayheehoo.

ooo coo coo. here's a man who lives a life of danger. everywhere he goes he
stays - a stranger. howdy stranger. mind if I smoke? and he said: every man, every man for himself. every man, every man for himself. all in favor say aye.

big science. hallelujah. big science.
Layheehoo. hey professor! could you turn out the lights? let's roll the film. big science. hallelujah. every man, every man for himself. big science. hallelujah. yodellayheehoo.
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