joook (joook) wrote,

музыкальная пауза - Van Der Graaf Generator =Necromancer=

В пятницу 13 можно всё!


Yes, I live in the black woods
Where you dare not even speak my name
If there is evil in your heart and you come near me
You will lose your sane

My form is mystic but my heart is pure
You'd better believe what I say
I am the Necromancer
(I am the Necromancer)

I cast deep spells and potent
I am a Seer of the Real
My forces work against evil
For I love all I feel

I know the secrets long forgotten
You'd better believe in me
I am the Necromancer
(I am the Necromancer)

Look into my eyes
I tell you, occults power lies in love
I fight against darkness
The power of the Black

Every day the power is greater
And soon the world will come to rights
Through the magic, through the power
Shaman shall die on the seventh night

And now remember magic is here
You'd better believe in the White
I am the Necromancer
(I am the Necromancer)

And I come to carry your heart away to good
Tags: music

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