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музыкальная пауза - VDGG - Interference Patterns

Не перестаю удивляться этой песенке ))
Я даже не понимаю, какой там ритм, и что играет барабанщик Гай Эванс

All that we see illusory
Every assumption based on blind faith alone....
On with the motley, bring it home!
Everything's formed from particles,
All that you see is a construction of waves.
Hold onto both thoughts,
Under general relativity
The cradle connected to the grave.
Luminous Aether dissipates,
Michelson-Morley with a point to disprove,
Millikan oil drops
And the cargo-cult science evaporates,
Improbable physics on the move.
Nearer and nearer,
It's clear that in interference
What happens when matter shatters
Is wantonly quantum and nature's got
Some surprises in store right now.
All that we are illusory,
Every observance based on physical law.
Only a fool would think us
Ready to face with certainty
All that our future's heading for.
Nearer and nearer,
It's clearer, we're only here for an eye-blink,
A psychic mind-trick.
The proofs that we use
Are at best projections
But let's hope they'll see us through.
The interference patterns help us to know
The gap between a simple "yes" and a "no",
The heart-felt beat that gets us ready to go
And, as above, we'll find out what is below
The interference patterns.
Tags: fun, lyt, music

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