joook (joook) wrote,

ISML 2012 Exhibition Period — Round 8

ARENA 01: Lelouch Lamperouge [Kirigaya Kazuto]
ARENA 02: [Oreki Hōtarō] Kinoshita Hideyoshi

ARENA 03: [Orihara Izaya] Togashi Yūta
ARENA 04: Katsuragi Keima [Edward Elric]
ARENA 05: [Takasu Ryūji] Sakata Gintoki
ARENA 06: Kuroko Tetsuya [Roy Mustang]

ARENA 07: Shirakiin Ririchiyo [Abstained] Yūki Asuna
ARENA 08: Kuroyukihime [Abstained] Takanashi Rikka

ARENA 09: Shiki [Abstained] Takano Masamune
ARENA 10: Dio Brando [Abstained] Gildarts Clive
Tags: isml, lyt

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