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Scorpions - Hell-Cat


Fire in her eyes... burn...
Perfume of the skies...
Fingers cold as ice... freeze...
Devil in disguise!

Well, she's a, she's a, she's a
You know that she's a hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat
(She's gonna scratch up your mind...)
You know that guy with piccadilly-eyes
Was talking to the French boy
But didn't realize.
An' he tried to get a wife
But he couldn't stay alive
Well, you know that lad with the rubber-dad
Paints his fingers yellow, blue, and red.
An' you also know that she's a liar
Knowing only her desire...

это Ульрих Рот, если кто не знает ))
в 76-77 годах он придумал и спел половину песен Scorpions. После его ухода музыка у них стала намного проще и скучнее ((
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