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музыкальная пауза - [Miku] Guard and Scythe 番人と鎌

Ещё одна интересная песня. Мику здесь слегка писклявит, но это терпимо. Мелодию не портит.
Music and lyrics by: Machigerita

Pain, confessions, the scent of sins
My heart is dyed black
The scythe in my right hand glows a dull silver
A drop falls into the red swamp

In that instant when they are beheaded,
A sound like a scream echoes [1]
Tears that fall from my eyes
Become the scythe's voice

A cradle of crime and punishment
Swings, swings, shrieking
In the vortex of hatred,
What are you saying?

The scythe in my right hand,
Which judges the things I love, sings a song.
While my tears are showing,
The scythe makes a sound

The quiet song's flower
Blooms, blooms, and sinks into the swamp
In that place where the light doesn't sprout,
What are you thinking? [2]

[1] 'Oto' here is written 'neiro,' which means 'timbre, a tone color.'
[2] 'Kimi' here is written 'kisama,' which is a very rude way of saying 'you.'
Tags: music, nihongo

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