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музыкальная пауза. Russian Roulette

Продолжим? Ещё одна не совсем попсовая песенка, на этот раз - Лука Мегурине.

Song Title: ロシアンルーレット Russian Roulette
Music, lyrics written and voice edited by オワタP(Owata-P)
Illustrated by ゆーりん(Yuurin)
Video by hinata

Интересно, нарочито неправильные английские фразы, это так задумано? Типа "насяльника, моя твоя всё понимай"

How about a game with me? Will you entrust yourself to destiny?
Completely fed up with you, I have no idea what goes through your mind.

Between me and your hobby, which is more important? Yes, I'm being this blunt.
You say our views are different, but can't you understand my feelings for once?

You should be die. Do not deceive me.
Fall into the hell. This is the end, isn't it?
Shoot head with gun. I've ... my gun, so farewell.

Spin the Russian roulette. It will shoot right through your head.
If my feelings will never reach you, then your very existence is a nuisance.
Once you have spun the Russian roulette, what kind of expression will you put on?
As a breeze softly blows by, that dapper smile of yours is rather annoying.

Since you're nothing more than a brainless scum, why are you still alive?
You always seem to be in high spirit, so are you just going ignore my feelings?

You should be die. You lied again.
Fall into the hell. I can tell just from your face.
Shoot head with gun. I pretend not to notice, but I can't forgive again.

Spin the Russian roulette. It will shoot right through your head.
I don't think I'm the one at fault. You hold full responsibility.
Even if you spin the Russian roulette, I can no longer be comforted.
I didn't wish for this kind of development, but I don't want to speak my true feelings.

You should be die. Am I selfish?
Fall into the hell. I love you wholeheartedly.
Shoot head with gun. I have no regrets. Now let's be on our way.

Once you have spun the Russian roulette, you smile at me.
Then, you hand me the trigger, as I accept your determination.
Tags: music, nihongo

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