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музыкальная пауза. Boss Death ))

Копался тут в поисках интересных песен и обнаружил такую не совсем попсовую и совсем не писклявую (!) Мику. "Мысли обычного героя перед последним боем".
Special for wolfox ^__^

In this deep gloomy Maze. The demon smiles. "Good thing you came" he says... Like he cares how I feel. I'm going to save the world, I'm going to save the princess. I don't care about those things anymore. I just want to destroy you with all my strength. Let's finish this and end this little fantasy. Peace comes, everyone praises me. Then I'm a nuisance. Isn't that what being a hero's all about? I can't go back. It doesn't matter which of us dies. We don't care which of us falls. The dualism of Good and Evil, are nothing but categories created by egoistic humans. What kind of governing brings you happiness? As long as there's an enemy they could stay as one, but they don't notice that peeling the apples using a blade that could destroy mountains, waiting for us is that kind of twisted life. Keeping the light in the furnace using fire that could burn away oceans, is this what power is? I don't know anymore. I don't care if the land disappears, I don't care if I disappear. Nothing really matters anymore. What I wanted to protect was that silent morning and the warm soup made by my mother. When I cried alone in the prairie, I still had a heart, but I realized the things most dearest, will never return to me. I destroy you with all my strength, what binds me is this cursed little fate. Once peace comes, without saying anything. Goodbye. Isn't that what a hero is? I can't go back. It doesn't matter which of us dies. We don't care which of us falls. Even if I die, even if the land disappears, even if I disappear it doesn't matter.
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